Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010


Hey everyone, it's christmas time and it's also time to say good bye to two originals I did this year. They are huge, they're lovely and they're not doing much at our studio but catching dust. So, I figured there must be someone out there, who'd have more fun owning them than I do. To give everybody the option of getting a hold on these and instead of just shipping them off to my art dealer Mark Hay (www.splashpageart.com) with a price tag on them, I decided to have them auctioned off on ebay. Follow this link:

The pieces themselves are gigantic, possibly the largest pencil drawings I made to date. Each of them is over 5 feet wide, and part of a series of Posters I did for Marvel this year. Some of you might have seen the final digital paintings that used these drawings as a base . I'd love for somebody to own them, who's going to treat them nicely and keep em for a few years. That's why I thought auctioning them off might be the best way for them to find an owner whose going to take care of them. No starting bid on these, just shipping costs.
I hope they find an cool home soon. Happy bidding and send photos of your apartment once you hang these.