Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012


Hey Guys,

We decided that we couldn't wait for a "Fucked Up Fridays" edition to post this. Seeing as it's Halloween and all, it seems fitting.

Earlier today, Marko entered the office wearing this little "James Bond Villain" number. Much to our surprise we either figured, someone is dead...or is about to be. Sadly, it's neither.

The truth is that Marko was simply invited to the British Embassy here in Berlin for a night of cocktails, schmoozing and the 007 SKYFALL premier!! Yes, he decided that this year for Halloween, he's (apparently) going as a Serbian assassin. Hopefully, he'll either befriend, or kill Daniel Craig and we can end this lengthy film series once and for all.

Most likely though, he'll probably just make the cover of the paper tomorrow for drunk and disorderly conduct adding yet another gem to his long list of "International Incident" charges...sigh!

Looking good though man!

 (What?! One shouldn't show up to the British Embassy empty-handed now should they?)                                          

          (Incidentally, coats are great for hiding hand guns)

             (CEO Meeting: This happens every Wednesday)

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012


Hey Guys,

Yes, it's true. We're pleased to finally welcome back our beloved SMV Life Drawing sessions. Can we get an "AMEN!"

Beginning on Thursday, 8th November at 7pm (yes, write that down!)– and every Thursday afterwards, the new SMV studio will be hosting all you lovely little creatives for a night of laughs, a lot of (FREE!) booze, good music, general debauchery and perhaps we'll do some art in between.

Now, as there are only 20 places available to be reserved each week, we decided to forego our initial plan of having everyone physically battle it out (...think: “THUNDERDOME”) and simply adopt the “first come, first serve” policy... Boring, we know. But you should see how much it costs to actually produce a death pit!

So here's how it's gonna go down...


You can do this two ways:

  1. Single sessions: 25€ per week
    Email us your reservation and hope that there is space. Walk-ins are welcome but we can't guarantee there will be space (*our lawyer made us write this*).
  2. Monthly Pass: 80€ per month
    If you like saving money and securing yourself a place, take this option.


  1. Email us at (with the subject: "SIGN-UP")
  2. Write us your NAME, PAYMENT OPTION you'd like and HOW MANY PEOPLE will be attending.
  3. Wait for a confirmation of your place(s) and payment options.
  4. Show up and have a good time!

We can't wait to see you all!!