Freitag, 29. Juni 2012


Last weekend, here in our fair city of Berlin, was the infamous "Christopher Street Day" festival (or "Gay Pride" as some of you like to call it). The city-wide street party always ensures great fun, fantastic music, naked men and women and of course...shit loads of sex, booze, drugs and gayness! PARTYPARTYPARTY! It really is not to be missed.

Since we pay our Slaves (...oops! Uhh, I mean "Employees") just below minimum wage, Hagen, our dear Slut-bag of a Producer, decided to sell both his body and vodka to gather together some extra cash ( pay for more sex and drugs of course! Hey, circle of life kids).

We're not sure what YOU were up to last weekend (...Ahem!)

...but it probably wasn't as exciting (or as Whore-ish) as Hagen's CSD-Extravaganza. 

And yes, those are nipple-piercings on both of his "Chesticles". What? Are you surprised!?! How many times do we have to use the word "Slut" for you to understand?? ...GEEZ!

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012


Hey Guys,

As a little "hors d'oeuvre" -sorry, still stuck in our last French post- to the delicious Massive Black Workshop in San Fransisco this year, our dear friends and lovers at MB Inc. have dared you (...that's right we're talkin' just to YOU this time) to ask the MB Workshop Instructors anything your giant heart desires...and we do mean Any-thaaaang you want.

Finally, your "No-Holds-Barred" chance to find out whatever you've been just dying to find out about this motley crew.

Some possible questions you may have, could be (...just sayin'):

1. How big is Wes Burt's (uhh...) Heart?
Umm yeeeeah, "Heart". Keep it clean you perv!

2. Is Kemp really the bastard, "evil twin" of Glen Hansard?
Look him up and tell me us he's not!

3. Who is the REAL Jason Chan?
Does he even exist or is this one of those "Talented Mr. Ripley" jobs again?

4. Will Carl and Marko ever just "put a ring on it"?
Pfff!...Like you don't wanna know.

Fine, maybe you might want to think of your own questions and stop letting us do all the work for you!
On the real, what have you got to lose? (...other than dignity and respect if you don't go for the most perfect opportunity you could ever ask for?)

Check out the MB Facebook Challenge and ask away...and if you haven't signed up for the Workshop Yet , than maybe YOU should do an Emotional IQ test!

See you San Fran lovvies!

Montag, 25. Juni 2012


Bonjour a tous et bienvenue. 
En l'honneur de notre superchanmé-gourou-couteau-suisse-environment-artist "L'OYO", nous passons aujourd'hui l'antenne a notre correspondant français Maurice Liere en direct de Berlin pour un scoop exclusif !

"Ouais, Jean-Charles, donc euh... Et bien, nous avons finalement réussi a dérober a l'insu de son plein gré les derniers trésors de son mouleskinne … Carnet qui est par ailleurs rouge. So french ! Cependant, jpense qu'il doit commencer a se douter de quelquechose le pti loustic car nos opérations d'espionnification deviennent de plus en plus difficile a accomplir. Nous risquons jusqu'à nos vies de smicards ici ! Il déjoue presque a chaque fois nos tentatives de diversionnage. 'foiré !

Bref seul les plus forts survivent comme disait l'autre alors on baisse pas les bras Maurice !

Vous avez intérêt a en profiter bande de moules et a vous gaver les yeux jusqu'aux trognons. Qui sait quand nous pourrons mettre a nouveaux la main sur ses vermeilles… A vous les studios. "

For those of you who are having trouble making sense of this malarkey on Google Translate, below you will (possibly) find the English translation. Although we're still unsure as Yohann himself translated this...and who trusts French people anyway??

"Today we will be posting in French in honour of our badass Environment guru 'L'OYO'.
 We stole these treasures form his (recently) well guarded sketch book… which by the way, happens to be Red ( fucking French this guy!).  
We think he's on to our thieving ways, as it's been increasingly difficult to steal from him lately...Putain! But, only the strong survive. Enjoy guys, we don't know the next time we can get another".

Freitag, 22. Juni 2012


After a week of entries and attempts at last week's FUCKED UP FRIDAYS CHALLENGE, we finally have a winner...well, close enough anyway!

We'd like to congratulate our lucky winner Danijel Cvitkusic. 

Danijel managed to get 5 out of 7 right (the closest anyone came by far) which means he's obviously some kind of Rainman-esque genius for being able to decode something with roughly 1,230,987,563 to 1 odds. But well done none the less. He'll be getting his original Marko Djurdjevic piece next week. 
(N.B: If he's smart, he'll put it up on ebay so perhaps ya'll can still have a shot at it *wink,wink.. finger point*) 

Now listen ya'll, that was a really tough challenge. Maybe it was a little unfair of us but we love that you guys took a shot at it anyway. That's the spirit and fight that we love in you guys. 
But seriously though, what the hell were some of you thinking!? I mean, Emily is SUPER offended - which if you know that steel-hearted witch, is actually quite difficult to do- that some (...ok, many) of you thought she was "SMV #5". But fuck her, we think she cheated anyway.

Here are the real results:

SMV #1 (117 points): Yohann 
We know right!?!..."How?!". Probably cheated along with Emily.

SMV #2 (108 points): Hagen 
The only results that actually made sense.

SMV #3 (112 points): Jelena 
Yes, also surprising. Even Yohann got more.

SMV #4 (105 points): Marko
Thanks from Marko to the many that thought he was SMV #7.

SMV #5 (95 points): Ville
So the debate is finally over: Ville is both a Robot and a Psychopath. Glad that's finally settled.

SMV #6 (110 points): Matjosh
Crazy right?! ...Who knew?

SMV #7 (119 points): Emily
...EMILY!?!? Like, for real? She's supposed to be the most Emotionally "Intelligent"? We're still trying to figure out where she's hid the bodies. Pfff! ...She obviously cheated.

Take a look at the results again and have fun laughing at the good and BAD results of your favourite SMV psycho. 

Until the next challenges lovlies...


Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012


Dear All,

We've been hinting to you for months now that a lot has been happening over here in our little studio. Well, as of today, SIXMOREVODKA officially turned into SIXMOREVODKA studio GmbH and SIXMOREVODKA production GmbH. For you Yankee readers, "GmbH" means "LLC" in America.

So what does this actually mean?

It means that we are now an official a force to be reckoned with. It means that we can bring SIXMOREVODKA's quality, style, strength and skill to bat in the big leagues, as heavy hitters in the industry. We've always been focused on growing and improving. Now we have the chance to bring that into full-on play.
But we won't give away all the juicy details. Just check it out for yourselves below...

Without your support, this wouldn't have been possible guys. For this we honestly thank you and love you, with all that we have. Cheers!

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012


Ok Detectives!
We've had a LOT of attempts at this but as of yet, the closest you've come is only 3 correct match-ups out of a possible 7. Now look, perhaps we've been a bit too hard on you guys, so we'll give you a chance to redeem your collective minds. Here are a few hints about our players and their "psyche's":

1. Ville is more independent than Hagen
2. Marko is more comfortable with his emotions than Emily
3. Yohann is a better problem solver than Ville
4. Jelena has better coping skills than Matjosh

That should be enough to give you a better head start. Now let's see who's going to put Robert Downey Jr. (meaning Sherlock Holmes I & II, and not meaning his past drug use) to shame.

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012


Lately, we've noticed a lot of comments about our collective character (*cough...flawsfrom, let's say more "normal" individuals of the general population. Admittedly, perhaps having a weekly segment called "Fucked Up Fridays" isn't doing us any favours...but we said, "PERHAPS" didn't we!?

In any case, It seems as though words like, "Sociopaths", "Personality Disorder"and "Devoid of all human feeling and/or emotion" are increasingly thrown around in conversations about us... we just never realized that these are considered "bad" descriptions (!?!?!)

We don't think we're that bad (...*shifty eyes*). But, just to prove it, the SMV team took an Emotional IQ test! That's right, we took the challenge to (try) and prove that we're not all complete psychopaths. Now let's see if you "norms" are right or not...


1. Correctly match the team members, with their scores below. For example: "Jelena is 'SMV #(X)', Ville is SMV #(X) etc."

2. Send your best guess to:

3. The contest is open until the next "FUCKED UP FRIDAY" (June 22nd, 2012)

Grand Prize:
Whomever is the first to guess the entire team's correct scores will win an ORIGINAL (that's right, that means "one and only") drawing from ANY team member of your choice.
(N.B: To avoid disappointment, you probably shouldn't pick one of the producers...just sayin')

Here we go...


THE RESULTS: (each player's highest points are in Pink and lowest in dark Grey)

Good Luck Ninjas...

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012


We interrupt our regularly scheduled "Fucked-Up-Fridays" program to bring you some fresh new work that we've (finally) got the "green light" to show you guys.

Check out what we made for DeNA's new URBAN SURVIVORS game. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

(N.B: "Fucked Up Fridays" will return to it's regular schedule next week, so hold your "Fucked Up Horses"!)

Happy weekend ya'll!

Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012


We're moving!!

Yes, we know, it's about time. As the SMV studio grew in the past year, the studio shrunk. We got tired of living in the "Puma Cage" (as we have affectionately termed our current dwelling) but it was so hard to find a proper space to house our nutty, growing family... until NOW!

Check out our new, BAD(mo'f*$@ing)ASS studio ya'll!
Complete with private elevator access and Fireplace (because our swag is just outta control like that), Trump-Style boardroom and even separate, male and female toilets (...this was becoming an issue for the ladies). Umm, did we mention that we have fireplace?!?

The only downside is that it also has a shower, which technically means that we now have no excuse to ever leave the office... Whatever, we got a damn fireplace!

This also is great news for life drawing. You didn't think we'd forget about our beloved life drawing sessions did you? We just needed a space to do it in. Now that we have it, we're going to settle in and pimp-out our lovely new palace in signature SMV style, then we'll definitely be starting up life drawing again ("Can I get a 'Amen'?!)

Bye Bye "Puma Cage"... Hello "Pimp-tacular Wonderland"!

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012


For some reason (still unknown to man), these f%#$in' awesome sketches were never used. Mind boggling we know. But all the better for us, and ya'll anyway that we get to share them here.

Thank you Ville for your "Knight Scribble" ("Scribble" he says! ... you bastard) and Marko for banging out these seriously BADASS Captain America sketches.


Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012


If you're just joining us, please refer to "PT. I" so you don't have to have that, "What's going on here?" look capturing your lovely faces. Welcome to Koblenz...