Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012


Hey Guys,

As a little "hors d'oeuvre" -sorry, still stuck in our last French post- to the delicious Massive Black Workshop in San Fransisco this year, our dear friends and lovers at MB Inc. have dared you (...that's right we're talkin' just to YOU this time) to ask the MB Workshop Instructors anything your giant heart desires...and we do mean Any-thaaaang you want.

Finally, your "No-Holds-Barred" chance to find out whatever you've been just dying to find out about this motley crew.

Some possible questions you may have, could be (...just sayin'):

1. How big is Wes Burt's (uhh...) Heart?
Umm yeeeeah, "Heart". Keep it clean you perv!

2. Is Kemp really the bastard, "evil twin" of Glen Hansard?
Look him up and tell me us he's not!

3. Who is the REAL Jason Chan?
Does he even exist or is this one of those "Talented Mr. Ripley" jobs again?

4. Will Carl and Marko ever just "put a ring on it"?
Pfff!...Like you don't wanna know.

Fine, maybe you might want to think of your own questions and stop letting us do all the work for you!
On the real, what have you got to lose? (...other than dignity and respect if you don't go for the most perfect opportunity you could ever ask for?)

Check out the MB Facebook Challenge and ask away...and if you haven't signed up for the Workshop Yet , than maybe YOU should do an Emotional IQ test!

See you San Fran lovvies!

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