Freitag, 29. Juni 2012


Last weekend, here in our fair city of Berlin, was the infamous "Christopher Street Day" festival (or "Gay Pride" as some of you like to call it). The city-wide street party always ensures great fun, fantastic music, naked men and women and of course...shit loads of sex, booze, drugs and gayness! PARTYPARTYPARTY! It really is not to be missed.

Since we pay our Slaves (...oops! Uhh, I mean "Employees") just below minimum wage, Hagen, our dear Slut-bag of a Producer, decided to sell both his body and vodka to gather together some extra cash ( pay for more sex and drugs of course! Hey, circle of life kids).

We're not sure what YOU were up to last weekend (...Ahem!)

...but it probably wasn't as exciting (or as Whore-ish) as Hagen's CSD-Extravaganza. 

And yes, those are nipple-piercings on both of his "Chesticles". What? Are you surprised!?! How many times do we have to use the word "Slut" for you to understand?? ...GEEZ!

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