Freitag, 6. Juli 2012


After being inspired by Albert Lamorisse's absolutely beautiful 1956 masterpiece, "Le Balon Rouge" ("The Red Balloon"), we decided to be French for a day (OYO became a German just for balance) and make friends with some cool ass balloons in hopes that they too, would have a spirit of their own and take us on wonderful adventures of true friendship throughout the city.
Our inspriation...

However, after a few hours of trying everything to engage those jerks (...apparently, they don't speak English, German or French!we realized that these balloons didn't have a spirit of their own at all!! They simply acted like "diva" balloons doing nothing but floating and being carried around all day. 

We then realized (thank you internet!that it takes roughly 5,928- 6,558 balloons to actually lift a human being into the sky and we gave up. Still going to blame it on us just finding idiot balloons though.

"Le Ballon Rouge" belongs to Lamorisse. However, "Le Ballon Rogue" belongs to SMV...

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