Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012


Apparently, "Thievery" is the word of the day! Ok, we successfully managed our first attempt at a life of crime, so why stop there? With SO many incredible pieces hiding around our studio, it is unbelievably hard not to plunder the desks of our wonderful (yet completely unsuspecting) artists from time to time. Now, before you start to remember your morals about stealing, just think about how hard it'd be for you to pass up Jelena's "BUTCHER", Ville's "VIKINGPIRE" and Will's "HUNTER", if they were just within your reach!
Very few criminals stop before they get caught... why should we be any different?


Hey Guys,

Any (miraculous) chance we get to catch Marko away from his desk, we always try to steal something from him. Well, today we were in luck! We're proud to bring you these freshly embezzled works straight from our Art Director's desk. Also on this week's shop(lifting) list were some more of Matjosh's incredible creations. Like all great heists, this took careful planning, hard work and perfect execution, but sometimes, crime does pay. Enjoy!

...and Matjosh's Minotaurs

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012


What?! ...It's called "Fucked Up Fridays" is it not?

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012


Happy Birthday to us!
After slaving away during the long winter months, the entire family FINALLY broke out of the studio and took to the streets in celebration. We stuffed our faces and drunk until our liver official filed for a divorce. Damn, it was fun!
Here's a look at some SIXMOREMADNESS...

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012


Time to open a bottle and spill the beans. Teamwork has been driving us insane, so we're finally at a point where we need to share the weekly ridiculousness with the rest of the outside world. "Hey, anybody out there?!" Starting today, we'll now be sharing insights into the rather nutty part of the studio every Friday, so stayed tuned to what you'll be forced to see in the upcoming weeks.

(This is what happens when a bunch of artist get excited about their new whiteboard)

(...And this is what happens when we research new SMV Corporate Identities)

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012


Hey Guys,

Sorry we've been off the radar for a while but after months of battling the fires of hell to keep up with all of our work, we're (finally) back! We've been working on some INCREDIBLE projects for our lovely partners over at Warner Brothers, KOCH Media, RUMBLE, RIOT Games, AKQA and DENA to name a few. We know you're going to love the new work and believe us when we say that as soon as we get the "ok", you'll see it here first.

Having said that, you know we wouldn't leave you hanging completely. We've been hauling ass over here to make sure that we continue to bring you the biggest and best that we've got. So, as a massive "Thank You" from SMV, we want you all to have the first "sneak peek" at our latest sketches for the upcoming HOOD project. We hope you enjoy...