Mittwoch, 3. September 2014


Hey Guys!!

As you may have seen already, we've just launched our first internal IP: "DEGENESIS: Rebirth Edition. "

This is the reason that we've been "M.I.A" ("Missing In Action", not the singer from London) for so long. We've been working on this labour of love for just over two years now.  Sorry, I meant, "two LOOOOOOONG years!"

We've put an incredible amount of love into this so please feel free to get lost into our world.

Also, check out our new BLOG! Much sexier than than this dusty old mare. So check in with us there for a ton of new info.

See you soon!

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014


If you're like us, you're already tired of saying it but, "Happy new year" (extended groan...) 

Although, what better way to kick off 2014 than with our good friends over at METAL HAMMER Magazine. Yep! We did the dirty again. We teamed Gerald (a.k.a "L'incroyable"), Metal Hammer and Lucasfilm together to bring you this blockbuster...

And if you're sitting there wondering how this all came to be, here is the first (of three) "Making Of" videos for you. Between us, one these videos even contains a full interview with Gerald himself...and you thought that we didn't love you. Shame on you!

Making Of: "2014 Metal Strikes Back" from SIXMOREVODKA on Vimeo.

Freitag, 5. Juli 2013


Yes, F.U.F's is back!

We know we know, "Finally" right?!

Perhaps sadly, eff'd up things happen here every(damn)day. However, deciphering between the rated R stuff i.e "things we can show you" and our usual NC17 sh*t, is tough man!

Well, no time like the present to start dropping truth bombs: Without a pen in his hand, Marko has the attention span of a child, on crack! There, we said it.

It's not like he can't focus (perse), it's just that when we attempt to have him sit down for more than 8 seconds without flashing pictures in front of his face, this is what happens.

But give him a break. It's not like he's a hostage negotiator. Focus is not always of the greatest...what were we saying? Right! Anyway, here what "Focused Marko" looks like...

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013


Hey Guys,

Many of you have asked us how we do, what we do. We always try to come up with answers that make us sound "professional" but the truth is... we're kinda not sure.

Today however, thanks to our dear friends at Metal Hammer, we finally have some answers for you (...and ourselves for that matter).

Remember waaaay back when we posted about the kick-ass Slipknot-Metal Hammer collabo we did? Well, here's the "making of" video for you which pretty much sums up how we do it.

Yep! Just a typical day at the SMV studio...

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013


Hey Guys,

Here's a gorgeous little piece of work "Captain Awesome" (a.k.a: Gerald Parel), "Nightdick" (a.k.a: Dick Owlman) and SMV's answer to "Jean Grey" (JELEN-AHHH!)...whipped up for the new MARVEL HEROES game - due out on June 4th.

Here's what our Super Heroes did:

And here's what they did with it:

Oh you fancy, huh?!


Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013


Hellllooo and Happy New-Christma-Hanu-Kwaanza-Tines-Easter Day to you all! (Pretty sure that covers everything we missed, right?)

Sorry for the delay but we've been busy as hell over here lately (...more on that soon!). We trust that you've all been making the most of this year so far as well.

So let's get down to business shall we?

Ever heard of a little band called Slipknot?!  Us too. So when Metal Hammer magazine approached us about doing their first (ever!) illustrated cover, making Slipknot into superheroes, we naturally jumped at the chance (after we'd stopped screaming like a group of "Beliebers" of course).

Check out this batch of Awesome-sauce we cooked up...

Now, I know we've been away for a little while but trust us, you'll see why soon enough and you'll forgive us.

Until then lovvies!


Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012


Well, we've made it to the end of the life drawing year and what a closing! After the Glühwein (that's mulled wine English people) we got down to business desperately trying to trace the wonderful details of our lovely, Jackie Taylor and her creations.

We'd like send a massive thank you to our amazing life drawing crew and a big thanks to Jackie for your wonderful energy. We've had such a great time with you guys each week and are looking forward to next year! Happy holidays to all for whatever holiday you're celebrating. We're eagerly awaiting our (usually large) gifts from Father Hangover and steadily preparing for our yearly sacrificial offering to the GODS OF VODKA!!

See you soon (....if we all don't die next Friday!).

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012


Hey Guys!

So as the holidays are fast approaching, this week will (sadly) be the last SMV Life Drawing session of the year! That is, assuming the world doesn't end on the 21st (...cue Heaven's Gate surviving members monologue).

However, we wouldn't leave you hanging until next year without a BANG would we?! This week's model will be the one and only JACKIE (F%$!ING) TAYLOR!

Yes, Berlin's own show-stopping, Queen of hearts, hats and dance floors all over the damn world will be here, gracing us with her gorgeous self and incredible creations, live and direct.

We're gonna be ballin' outta control for this one folks. Think: Christmas on crack...and glitter!

Sign up now at while there are still seats left!!
It's gonna be a party ya'll...

Freitag, 23. November 2012



Soooo, yesterday's Life drawing session was thunderstruck by the one and ONLY, Andrew (F$%#ING-BADASS) Jones!!! We know, we know: first “Lord Parel” then Jonesy!?! Who's next!?!

But yes, fresh from “down under” (...let's keep it clean here, shall we folks!), we caught him on a stop-over back to his motherland... and we love him all the more for it! 

In sadder news: Emily has now found an accomplice in her whiteboard madness. We knew she'd try something tricky but we would've never expected... MATJOSH! Yes that witch has recruited the most innocent of souls in her continuing war crimes against the sighted! They even did a “collaboration” (...pfff! More like, “Abomination!”). MJ, how could you?!

See you next week guys....

Freitag, 16. November 2012



Round two commenced last night and we're now officially "on a roll" with another fantastic session! Even more new faces to go with our lovely regulars, more drinking and broken glasses, awesome everything! We even had our beloved french wonder Gerald Parel in on the "sesh" - although, he did spend most of his time drinking (that's our man!).

The only unfortunate incident was yet another one of Emily's Crap-tastic whiteboard designs! Have no fear, she's going to be banned from future sessions. 

Thank you again to all who came out and participated...except Emily! Until next week lovelies....