Freitag, 23. November 2012



Soooo, yesterday's Life drawing session was thunderstruck by the one and ONLY, Andrew (F$%#ING-BADASS) Jones!!! We know, we know: first “Lord Parel” then Jonesy!?! Who's next!?!

But yes, fresh from “down under” (...let's keep it clean here, shall we folks!), we caught him on a stop-over back to his motherland... and we love him all the more for it! 

In sadder news: Emily has now found an accomplice in her whiteboard madness. We knew she'd try something tricky but we would've never expected... MATJOSH! Yes that witch has recruited the most innocent of souls in her continuing war crimes against the sighted! They even did a “collaboration” (...pfff! More like, “Abomination!”). MJ, how could you?!

See you next week guys....

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