Mittwoch, 29. September 2010


Thanks to all of you joining the opening reception at gallery SIXMOREVODKA last friday. Have fun looking at the pictures. If you haven't had a chance to drop in up to now the art work will be hanging till October 18th. Don't miss a wonderful exhibition of an amazing artist. Hope to see you there! Stay tuned and create SIXMOREVODKA.

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010


At the Studio & the sun is smiling for the first time these days. Seems like the Black Frog brought it in as his entourage. Most of the art for the new show arrived fresh off the printer, and small handpainted frames wait to filled with Igor's drawings. Just a few more hammerswings and we're ready for the opening on Friday. Join, join, join's gonna be loads of fun.

Montag, 20. September 2010


We're hitting the streets of Berlin hard with our "DRAW OR DIE" movie posters. They're starting to pop up everywhere around the city this week, but we need your help to get the movie the exposure it deserves. So we decided to start the "DRAW OR DIE" CONTEST and give you the chance to help us spread the word about the movie. To participate in the Contest, just download the high resolution movie poster file and print it out on posters, flyers or newsprint and spread it in your home city, in cafe's, bars, your school/university or any other place you frequent.
This Contest is open to anybody who loves the movie and who's willing to help us. Once you're done with your guerilla bombing, don't forget to make photos and send them to us by OCTOBER 1st 2010!
The 5 winners will be showcased on our Blog and Facebook sites, but more than that, they'll also be rewarded with a host of prizes from SIXMOREVODKA.

Winning is easy! Just be the guy or girl who spreads the posters the furthest, or comes up with the most creative idea of showcasing them around your home city. Take photos or footage and send them to by OCTOBER 1st. Don't forget to send us your name and address so we can announce you properly and make sure your prizes are sent in the right direction.

1st Place: 1 original framed Drawing by Marko Djurdjevic. Total Value 2.000,-$

2nd & 3rd Place: 1 original framed Sketch by Marko Djurdjevic & 1 signed Thor Comic/Artbook from Marko Djurdjevic. Total Value: 600,-$ each

4th & 5th Place: 1 "The Art of Massive Black book", 1 11"x17" Spiderman-Print by Marko Djurdjevic, 5 signed comicbooks. Total Value: 100,-$ each



Freitag, 17. September 2010


Only 7 days left to go and check out Marko's current exhibition at Box 32. It's been a major success for us, and we've been more than excited to expose a much broader audience to Marko's images. The reception so far has been wonderful and we look forward to many more events in collaboration with Box 32. Big shout out to Till Samer and Anna Mezin for setting up such a great show, and if you're in the area, drop by.


Montag, 13. September 2010


The Black Frog, Artistic Engineer, Illustrator and french-russian Powerhouse of Storytelling is hitting Berlin with his first solo exhibition this fall.
SIXMOREVODKA is proud to feature a host of his artwork, from traditional to digital, showcasing what this Behemoth of Production Design has been up to for the past few years.
Join us on the 24th of September for his Opening Reception at the SIXMOREVODKA Showroom in Berlin.

Winsstraße 42
10405 Berlin
24th September, 7:00 pm

Dienstag, 7. September 2010


Hi, its Jana writing :) I'm soooo happy to be on board!
We will try to keep this blog more active, so here are some sketches and unfinished stuff of the last few weeks. The second painting is from life.
I cant wait for the other SIXMOREVODKA members posts!

byebye! :)

Montag, 6. September 2010


SIXMOREVODKA is proud to announce that the outstanding young artists Jana Schirmer and Alex Pascenko are joining our little art family and Studio in Berlin.
Both will fill positions as Concept artists at our company and lend their skillful hands to the multitude of projects we're currently working on. They've already been part of our production pipeline for the past month and we couldn't be happier to work with such amazing talent. Both are expanding our field of expertise with their creativity and adding new layers of pure edge to our base. Berlin is turning hot this fall.

Donnerstag, 2. September 2010


The MADE SYMPOSIUM documentary "DRAW OR DIE" by Lennart Brede is finally finished! See the entire 40 minute movie on WWW.SIXMOREVODKA.COM
Lennart has outdone himself with this one! Please spread the word and share this movie with your friends. Enjoy! THE SIXMOREVODKA TEAM