Montag, 20. September 2010


We're hitting the streets of Berlin hard with our "DRAW OR DIE" movie posters. They're starting to pop up everywhere around the city this week, but we need your help to get the movie the exposure it deserves. So we decided to start the "DRAW OR DIE" CONTEST and give you the chance to help us spread the word about the movie. To participate in the Contest, just download the high resolution movie poster file and print it out on posters, flyers or newsprint and spread it in your home city, in cafe's, bars, your school/university or any other place you frequent.
This Contest is open to anybody who loves the movie and who's willing to help us. Once you're done with your guerilla bombing, don't forget to make photos and send them to us by OCTOBER 1st 2010!
The 5 winners will be showcased on our Blog and Facebook sites, but more than that, they'll also be rewarded with a host of prizes from SIXMOREVODKA.

Winning is easy! Just be the guy or girl who spreads the posters the furthest, or comes up with the most creative idea of showcasing them around your home city. Take photos or footage and send them to by OCTOBER 1st. Don't forget to send us your name and address so we can announce you properly and make sure your prizes are sent in the right direction.

1st Place: 1 original framed Drawing by Marko Djurdjevic. Total Value 2.000,-$

2nd & 3rd Place: 1 original framed Sketch by Marko Djurdjevic & 1 signed Thor Comic/Artbook from Marko Djurdjevic. Total Value: 600,-$ each

4th & 5th Place: 1 "The Art of Massive Black book", 1 11"x17" Spiderman-Print by Marko Djurdjevic, 5 signed comicbooks. Total Value: 100,-$ each




  1. The picture link seems broken my friend.

  2. Ill print some out and start spreading them across Oslo on my way to work tomorrow. The movie was just fantastic and truly inspirational!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks homie, don't forget to sen us photos!!!!

  4. I've got a question. Is 2000$ the main prize (+ drawing) or just the "cost" of Marko's drawing?

  5. How was the winner selection from my city that having more people?
    Is the poster would colored or black and white?

  6. Just be creative in how you share the image. It can be black and whit, or color or printed as a flyer, or as a poster, or even on toilet paper...

    We just want to see photos...