Freitag, 28. September 2012


“AMERICAN MARKO” & “E.U MIKE”: The Paternity Conundrum

Ever wondered if you have a long lost brother and/or sister that you don't know about? Whatever you'd like to believe about the fidelity of your parents, the probability of you having a “secret sibling” is most likely higher than you'd be comfortable with. Perhaps YOU are the “secret” brother or sister?!

Well, inside the SMV studio, there has been a quiet rumor floating around for some time now that Marko actually has a “secret” half-brother from NYC that nobody knows about... until now!

Meet Mike Marino: The man behind PROSTHETIC RENAISSANCE and the one responsible for bringing you a large majority of Hollywood's the most incredible (...and F#%$@' disgusting!) special effects. Mike (or “American Marko” as we call him), dropped into the SMV studio last week and was greeted with gaping mouths, silence and long, perplexed stares from the SMV team. 

Now trust us, we know what you're thinking. However, seeing as both parties neither confirms nor denies the truth about their suspected relation, we're left to our own conclusions. We say, sombody's got some " 'splainin' to do!"

P.S: If you (like us) have ever wondered what Marko would've looked like as a “Jeresy Shore” cast member... this should put your mind to rest! Thanks for doing this Mike...

Dienstag, 25. September 2012


Our lovely newlyweds, OYO and Lian, took on the infamous Berlin art/party crowd last Saturday-their first double-team, artistic adventure as an official married couple ya'll (..."WHA-WHAAAAT!") and boy did they set shit loose!

Set in a massive, restored factory, COLONIA NOVA offers artist's a gorgeous atelier space in the heart of Berlin. It's grand opening saw “LIYO” (yes, that's their “Brangelina” name) turn up the heat and create a live, back to back creation off the top of their unified heads (...that's what happens when you get married right!?)

They decided it best to drink first, create later (...see why we love them so much) and just go to town! Way to represent our beautiful homies!

Freitag, 21. September 2012


Hey Friends,

Our dear, incredible friend and pianist, Sean Barker, recently held a beautiful piano recital in Berlin this week.

An evening of culture was on offer (...who the hell knows why he invited US?!), along with a gorgeous selection of Chopin, Debussy, Liszt/Schubert, Rachmaninoff and (wait for it...) HE-MAN!?!? Yes, that's right (t)HE-MAN!! 

Now, we all know that once the SMV team is out on the town together,  a truly cultural evening cannot be had. Collectively, we possess an innate ability to taint whatever space we're invading that moment, with a serious level of good old fashioned Fuckery. However, "The Talented Mr. Barker" -as he's known 'round these parts, actually out-foxed us foxes and had prepared a little something to put us in check!

Shame you weren't there to see the lovely faces of shock, awe, bemusement and horror slapped on the faces of the other (actually cultured) audience members....BTW: that's a good indication that the SMV team is on a family outing!

Thank you Sean for the wonderful evening and for having the balls to throw bombs like that into the mix! You truly are SMV family. Enjoy friends...

Donnerstag, 20. September 2012



This news makes us feel so giddy we've all become like 90210 valley girls. The amount of “Ah.Ma.Gahd!!” being thrown around here is, admittedly, getting just a liiiiitle bit ridiculous. We're just so eff'n excited about our new digs though...and can you blame us!?

In the last months, we've been M.I.A (for reals we know). Hopefully now however, you can all see why. Looking this good was never more difficult. Thank God for our Patron Saint, Marko for brining himself closer to a Cerebral Aneurysm than ever before just to make this all possible.
One or two cardiac malfunctions later and here we are: In the most wonderful place on earth.

Thanks Marko... hope you got the flowers we sent to your hospital room. Loves you!


Now we know we're always going on (and on) about the cool shit we're doing here and whining about how "we can't show you it yet!!" (blah blah blah). We know we sound like a bunch of pussies so before you call us a WAAAmbulance, here you go...

A few weeks ago saw the release of "Avengers Initiative". A sweet little ipad game coming from WIDELOAD GAMES. SMV has provided the concepts and scene paintings for the different installments throughout last year.
(More is yet to come my loves so stay tuned.....)

Freitag, 14. September 2012


We're back!!! Sorry for the wait guys. This week's installment comes directly from our trip to gay old San Francisco...Literally!

Let's get to it...

1. "SMVBOT": A match made in Heaven.

Ever heard of the term "a marriage between companies"? Well, saying "goodbye" to our irresistible French lovers over at STEAMBOT STUDIOS, was just a little too much for us to handle. So much so that, like good families, we arranged for our dear, sweet little Matjosh (seen below bearing a striking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!) to marry Steambot's wonderful resident hippie, that is Seb Larroude. What?! We were in San Francisco after all!

The ceremony was beautiful. We drank, we laughed and the happy couple left for their honeymoon. This is what happens when like minded people get together! Just wait until we start reproducing...

2. "ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES": Douche bag alert!

Ever seen those people smoking "E-Cigarettes"?!?! You know the ones we're talking about. Those smug little fuckers you see at restaurants, bus stops and on planes that "light up" their LED pens like c*nts, with that pedantic look on their faces like they're the lucky ones who can "smoke" when others can't and are stuck in the belief that they're actually going to quit smoking!

Well, you can imagine Emily's horror when her dear colleague (and now ex-friend) pulled one these "things" out in their hotel room and charged it up!! Here's how it went down:

Emily: What. The. Fuck dude!!
Yohann: What?
E: You're a douche!
Y: Just try it!

(Emily takes a drag and feels something resembling fiberglass going down her throat, mixed with some kind of melon flavour. Chokes uncontrollably for 5mins.)

Y: It's liquid smoke (*smug d-bag look*). Don't like the flavour? It's Watermelon. I also have Vanilla and Mint.
E: WHAT!?! Why wouldn't you at least get "Smoke" flavour?!
Y: (Laughing)They didn't have it left.
E: You're a gay. I'm telling your wife and suffocating you in your sleep!