Freitag, 28. September 2012


“AMERICAN MARKO” & “E.U MIKE”: The Paternity Conundrum

Ever wondered if you have a long lost brother and/or sister that you don't know about? Whatever you'd like to believe about the fidelity of your parents, the probability of you having a “secret sibling” is most likely higher than you'd be comfortable with. Perhaps YOU are the “secret” brother or sister?!

Well, inside the SMV studio, there has been a quiet rumor floating around for some time now that Marko actually has a “secret” half-brother from NYC that nobody knows about... until now!

Meet Mike Marino: The man behind PROSTHETIC RENAISSANCE and the one responsible for bringing you a large majority of Hollywood's the most incredible (...and F#%$@' disgusting!) special effects. Mike (or “American Marko” as we call him), dropped into the SMV studio last week and was greeted with gaping mouths, silence and long, perplexed stares from the SMV team. 

Now trust us, we know what you're thinking. However, seeing as both parties neither confirms nor denies the truth about their suspected relation, we're left to our own conclusions. We say, sombody's got some " 'splainin' to do!"

P.S: If you (like us) have ever wondered what Marko would've looked like as a “Jeresy Shore” cast member... this should put your mind to rest! Thanks for doing this Mike...