Dienstag, 27. September 2011


We have some new work updated to the company website, check it out!

And here are some life drawings done by the one and only Jana!

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011


Ville Kinnunen, concept artist for Bioware's Dragon Age is switching positions and joining our team in Berlin as a Senior Concept Artist come November 1st. We're incredibly excited to get such a high end professional to join our already existing power units.
Hailing from Finland Ville Kinnunen initially broke into the industry by designing characters for Funcom's Age Of Conan in Norway. Still a young lad at the time his brilliant character design skills started shining through when he breathed life into the costumes and armors of Conan and his many enemies. After Funcom, he took his skills to the next level working for Bioware in Edmonton, Canada, where he was tasked to embellish the Dragon Age universe and proved himself once more an invaluable team asset.
His next big step is our Studio in Berlin (the poor guy has to move such vast distances) where his character design abilities are going to be needed for SIXMOREVODKA's huge workload. Cheers to our newest team member and don't forget to check out his Portfolio at CG HUB.