Mittwoch, 30. November 2011


For their Facebook Fan-Anniversary, Capcom approached us and had us design some of their most iconic enemies from the Resident Evil series with our own touch. We can finally showcase these images and unveil one of the many projects we've been working on behind the scenes. We hope you enjoy!

Montag, 28. November 2011


We're finally opening a little showcase into our first internal IP production. The name of the project is HOOD and we don't want to spill the beans on what it is just yet, but we can announce that this is something our entire team has been working on in it's free time and there is more stuff to come as we unfold this secret in the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned and enjoy some of the artwork here, showcased for the first time.

For more goodies make sure to check out out website- more updates coming soon!


Our little studio has undergone some huge revamping. Not only did we reconstruct large parts of it, we added a bunch of artists too!
Joining us straight from Gameloft at our Headquaters in Berlin, comes Yohann Schepacz, french fury of environment art. Yohann's portfolio and attitude made him an instant hire and add on to the team. His skillset is an excellent asset to the expansion of our portfolio and we look forward to an exciting new year with him, sharing red wine, snails, frog legs, croissants and other eventual good times.

Hailing from Lithuania, Matjosh joins our team as a junior concept artist as well. Actually named Andrius Matijoshius and just bloody 22 years old he started his career with us as an intern and quickly rose to his junior position after only being with us for a very short time. His work ethic and his illustrations really clicked with our team and we're proud to see him grow up with us over the next year.


2011 is coming to a close and we're wrapping up our first year as an outsourcing studio. Time flies by and the last few months have been busy as hell for us. This year was incredibly successful for our team, in just a short period, we worked with over 20 new clients on more than 40 different projects collectively. We're excited to see some of our work come to life in the following years as releases start hitting the market stands. A big thanks to UBISOFT, ACTIVISION, EA, VISCERAL GAMES, AMA STUDIOS, CAPCOM, BEENOX, AVALANCHE STUDIOS, MARVEL, GUERILLA GAMES, WIDELOAD, DISNEY, HASBRO, KEEN GAMES, BLIZZARD, CITY INTERACTIVE etc., for your continued support and the great projects we were able to work on. 2012 looks even more exciting from this perspective.