Donnerstag, 29. April 2010


Nic Klein's hardcover edition of his independent run on VIKING is now available at our Shop.We're offering a standard edition which comes signed by Nic for 40,-Euro plus shipping costs.
Also, we're offering a special edition of the book, signed, along with a beautiful watercolor illustration by Nic for 99,-Euro plus shipping.
If you're interested in getting your hands on one of our editions, feel free to send an order to


Also new at our store and available from today is Alexander Gnädinger's wonderful 100 GIRLS ON POLAROID photo book.
In this book, Alexander Gnädinger, one of Germanys top fashion photographers travels the world with a simple Polaroid camera, to capture models in their most natural fashion. The models were allowed to to show themselves in a surrounding and appearance they would like to be seen in, instead of being art directed and stylized to serve a product.
The book is a powerful documentary on real and natural beauty in an unpolished state.
The book is available for 69,-Euro plus shipping costs. Again, if you'd like to order one, place your order to

Mittwoch, 28. April 2010


Gabriele Dell'Otto is one of the modern masters of painted comics. His work has graced Marvel covers and interiors for years now, and this summer we can announce him as one of our special guest instructors at the MADE Symposium in Berlin. His technique of mixing acrylics, inks, airbrush and colored pencils into his great images is a sight to behold. He's also one of the most generous teachers there is, so be prepared not only to be taken away by his art, but by his Italian charm as well.

Montag, 26. April 2010


Our great friend, and Art Director of Massive Black, Coro Kaufman, will teach his techniques during the MADE Symposium. We can't wait to have him here with us. His lectures are a must see, technically and visually he's one of the most versatile artists working in the field of Conceptart today.

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010


After a long, nice, but exhausting day of constant work at our Studio we joined the birthday party of our sweet friend Tadi Rock, had a delicious dinner with her and her friends, a nice view over Berlin and such fun! Oh yes, and rollerskating the Waltz, haha. Thank you Tadi for the evening!

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010


We're proud to announce that the first 100 limited seats for the MADE Symposium just sold out. Thanks for all the great support and the huge interest in this event. We wouldn't be able to throw a show like this without you. 
If some of you are still interested in grabbing a limited seat, please write to Antje and sign up with her. Her email is

We hope to see you all there :D


Check it out:

Kevin Mahadeo wrote a huge brilliant article for Marvel News where Marko Djurdjevic discusses organizing the upcoming first-ever Berlin artists symposium, uniting creators from all around the world.

"Like an apprentice without a master, Marko Djurdjevic never got a chance to learn the ways of the pencil from an experienced professional growing up. Instead, the then-fledgling artist taught himself everything he needed to know about drawing and creating. And although Djurdjevic's skill at shaping the page became inarguably remarkable, the artist still admits he regrets missing out on a chance to learn from some of the best. Thus, when asked to help organize the MADE Symposium-a joining of artists from around the world for a four-day creative extravaganza-the German-born creator jumped at the chance..

We're just a handful attendants away from selling out the first 100 limited seats for the symposium. That means people should hurry up if they still want to reserve one of the total 200 limited seats. To sign up you can write straight to or sign up on our site,"

Dienstag, 20. April 2010


We're proud to announce that the amazing Concept artist ALEKSI BRICLOT joined us as an instructor for the MADE SYMPOSIUM.
The 31 year old Parisian citizen is working in different art fields for more than 10 years. He’s producing conceptart for videogames, illustrations and comic-book pages.
Aleksi worked on ColdFear, Splinter Cell Double Agent, from the hit series, on Haze and Dungeon Runners (Ncsoft) among others.
As for comicbooks, his early works were the comics adaptation of the videogame Alone in the Dark 4, then Spawn : Simony, a graphic novel for TMP - the best selling trade paper back in the US for May 2004. He had taken part in the Legends of the Round Table, a comicbook for the European market and another graphic novel Spawn : Architects of Fear (2010). He’s also a cover artist for Marvel on the Annihilation : Conquest saga, New Avengers and did illustrations linked to the movie Hulk2. He had painted the covers of the whole Hellgate : London mini series published by Dark Horse.
He co-founded and is art directing the video game studio Dontnod entertainment in Paris in 2008, currently developing an ambitious next-gen project. With fellow artist Jean-Sebastien Rossbach he is the painter behind the Merlin art book (written by Jean-Luc Istin), published by Soleil éditions.
He won a silver award in the fantastic art anthology Spectrum and he’s taking part in several international events like Magic: the Gathering tournaments. You can find samples of his artworks in several international art books and magazines and here.

Montag, 19. April 2010

A very nice Interview with Marko for Status Magazine:
The interview was by Ramon De Veyra--he is a comics aficionado and owns a comics shop called Sputnik

You can check out his writings here:

Sonntag, 18. April 2010


Last month I got commissioned by Marvel to do a huge poster featuring their new Avengers line-up and spanning across six connecting covers. I knew I'd fuck it up if I'd layout the thing completely digital, so I decided to draw the base on paper, scan it and then paint on top of it on the computer. First mistake I made was starting out without a thumbnail though, so I ended up fighting with the composition of the entire montage till the very end. What came next was a lot of nail biting and chewing, while I was trying to find some sort of harmonious color scheme for this beast. I scratched my head for a while till I asked my friend Coro about half way through if he had any helpful advice. He urged me to use a rainbow color layer so the viewers eye could move from hue to hue instead of being overwhelmed by just a single color scheme. It worked instantly and I could finally complete this monster. The original drawing was 6 feet wide and the PS file about 24000 pixels...glad I'm using a powerful machine to get stuff like this done. Also did a quick evolution of the image, so the steps could be understood a bit better...


Back in January, I went through one of the toughest months ever. While we were finishing the new SIXMOREVODKA Studio, work was piling up right next to me. I had to paint 15 covers in a single month, which to this day keeps being my personal benchmark record for producing enormous amounts of work in ultra short periods of time. Marvel has just released the final slate of these covers and I can finally show them all at once. It makes sense to look at them as a bundle since most of them were worked on simultaneously, some with more, some with less attention paid on finalizing them. I still think they show a nice spectrum of experimentation and the possibilities which arise under such stressful situations. I'm not always happy with the outcome of each individual piece, but as a whole it makes me more comfortable to show them. 

Samstag, 17. April 2010


Here are some awesome new pictures from MADE. This will be our venue for the Symposium in Berlin this summer. The set up is amazing, all the walls are movable and allow a new layout for whatever purpose there is. The light system is entirely unique and can instantly change into any color, hue and temperature allowing great atmospheric changes of mood throughout the entire space.

More info about the Symposium:

More info about MADE:

Freitag, 16. April 2010


Young talent Mike Bierek, former student of Carl Dobsky and now artist of Massive Black posted up some stuff he did for magic several months back and hopes he gets to see/meet/greet some of you at the Berlin MADE workshop too!


Yeah, the amazing Jason Chan will be an instructor at the Berlin MADE SYMPOSIUM in June, we can't wait to have him here! He posted some new freelance stuff here: