Mittwoch, 21. April 2010


Check it out:

Kevin Mahadeo wrote a huge brilliant article for Marvel News where Marko Djurdjevic discusses organizing the upcoming first-ever Berlin artists symposium, uniting creators from all around the world.

"Like an apprentice without a master, Marko Djurdjevic never got a chance to learn the ways of the pencil from an experienced professional growing up. Instead, the then-fledgling artist taught himself everything he needed to know about drawing and creating. And although Djurdjevic's skill at shaping the page became inarguably remarkable, the artist still admits he regrets missing out on a chance to learn from some of the best. Thus, when asked to help organize the MADE Symposium-a joining of artists from around the world for a four-day creative extravaganza-the German-born creator jumped at the chance..

We're just a handful attendants away from selling out the first 100 limited seats for the symposium. That means people should hurry up if they still want to reserve one of the total 200 limited seats. To sign up you can write straight to or sign up on our site,"

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