Sonntag, 18. April 2010


Last month I got commissioned by Marvel to do a huge poster featuring their new Avengers line-up and spanning across six connecting covers. I knew I'd fuck it up if I'd layout the thing completely digital, so I decided to draw the base on paper, scan it and then paint on top of it on the computer. First mistake I made was starting out without a thumbnail though, so I ended up fighting with the composition of the entire montage till the very end. What came next was a lot of nail biting and chewing, while I was trying to find some sort of harmonious color scheme for this beast. I scratched my head for a while till I asked my friend Coro about half way through if he had any helpful advice. He urged me to use a rainbow color layer so the viewers eye could move from hue to hue instead of being overwhelmed by just a single color scheme. It worked instantly and I could finally complete this monster. The original drawing was 6 feet wide and the PS file about 24000 pixels...glad I'm using a powerful machine to get stuff like this done. Also did a quick evolution of the image, so the steps could be understood a bit better...


  1. Marco - big thanks for wip for this image!

  2. Im always so impressed with your work dude. I know your fast but that must have taken a good chunk of time to do. It must be awesome having guys like Coro to call up if you ever hit a snag.
    Looks great man, and nice to be reminded that even our favorite artist get hung up on and image sometimes.
    All the Best Marko.

  3. Incredible image.
    Thanks for posting the stages too.