Montag, 28. November 2011


Our little studio has undergone some huge revamping. Not only did we reconstruct large parts of it, we added a bunch of artists too!
Joining us straight from Gameloft at our Headquaters in Berlin, comes Yohann Schepacz, french fury of environment art. Yohann's portfolio and attitude made him an instant hire and add on to the team. His skillset is an excellent asset to the expansion of our portfolio and we look forward to an exciting new year with him, sharing red wine, snails, frog legs, croissants and other eventual good times.

Hailing from Lithuania, Matjosh joins our team as a junior concept artist as well. Actually named Andrius Matijoshius and just bloody 22 years old he started his career with us as an intern and quickly rose to his junior position after only being with us for a very short time. His work ethic and his illustrations really clicked with our team and we're proud to see him grow up with us over the next year.