Montag, 13. September 2010


The Black Frog, Artistic Engineer, Illustrator and french-russian Powerhouse of Storytelling is hitting Berlin with his first solo exhibition this fall.
SIXMOREVODKA is proud to feature a host of his artwork, from traditional to digital, showcasing what this Behemoth of Production Design has been up to for the past few years.
Join us on the 24th of September for his Opening Reception at the SIXMOREVODKA Showroom in Berlin.

Winsstraße 42
10405 Berlin
24th September, 7:00 pm


  1. best of luck for the Frog I wish I could go (maeby you can make another doc about the Frog)

  2. A must go once I hit Berlin, thats for sure. My congrats for Sixmorevodka for a greak work. Such an amazing art put together!