Freitag, 5. Juli 2013


Yes, F.U.F's is back!

We know we know, "Finally" right?!

Perhaps sadly, eff'd up things happen here every(damn)day. However, deciphering between the rated R stuff i.e "things we can show you" and our usual NC17 sh*t, is tough man!

Well, no time like the present to start dropping truth bombs: Without a pen in his hand, Marko has the attention span of a child, on crack! There, we said it.

It's not like he can't focus (perse), it's just that when we attempt to have him sit down for more than 8 seconds without flashing pictures in front of his face, this is what happens.

But give him a break. It's not like he's a hostage negotiator. Focus is not always of the greatest...what were we saying? Right! Anyway, here what "Focused Marko" looks like...


  1. Somehow I thought I'd find a penis drawing here, and I did.

    Hope all is good over there!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Still appreciating the occasional covers Marko bequeaths us comic book fans!

  3. Jaaa... da ist so eine typische Gehirnung freigelassen worden.
    Sehr Lustig!:) Braingestormtes á la Carte! Aufkleben, einrahmen und fertig!:)
    Gruss Norman