Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013


Hellllooo and Happy New-Christma-Hanu-Kwaanza-Tines-Easter Day to you all! (Pretty sure that covers everything we missed, right?)

Sorry for the delay but we've been busy as hell over here lately (...more on that soon!). We trust that you've all been making the most of this year so far as well.

So let's get down to business shall we?

Ever heard of a little band called Slipknot?!  Us too. So when Metal Hammer magazine approached us about doing their first (ever!) illustrated cover, making Slipknot into superheroes, we naturally jumped at the chance (after we'd stopped screaming like a group of "Beliebers" of course).

Check out this batch of Awesome-sauce we cooked up...

Now, I know we've been away for a little while but trust us, you'll see why soon enough and you'll forgive us.

Until then lovvies!



  1. Sweet baby jesus, this is awesome!

    I missed you guys

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  3. Awesome! Glad your back, geez it has been a while, it looks awesome and can't wait to see more.