Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012


Sometimes when we steal stuff from our artists, we feel really proud of ourselves for a another successful heist. We then crack open a bottle of (...anything really) and look at our goodies with smiles on our faces.
Then there are times when you sit down to open up some work you just poached from your colleague and friend and suddenly get donkey-punched straight in the head by the glimpse into that artists psyche you just unwillingly witnessed.
Unfortunately, it turns out to be true that, "what's been seen cannot be unseen". There are only two options from here: You can sit quietly in the corner, making shifty eyes every 5mins and judging what's going on inside the mind of the person you've been sitting across from everyday... Or simply pay a little deposit into the Wank-Bank. The choice is yours.  

But seriously OYO, "TittySea"!?! ...For realsies? You're lucky you're so good dude.
Here what we could (legally) show you. The rest will most likely be on reserve for a "Fucked up Friday" session.


  1. There's even a small tits growing on the big ones. I think it's pretty normal. For example I drew a titty tree not long ago.