Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012


Ok Detectives!
We've had a LOT of attempts at this but as of yet, the closest you've come is only 3 correct match-ups out of a possible 7. Now look, perhaps we've been a bit too hard on you guys, so we'll give you a chance to redeem your collective minds. Here are a few hints about our players and their "psyche's":

1. Ville is more independent than Hagen
2. Marko is more comfortable with his emotions than Emily
3. Yohann is a better problem solver than Ville
4. Jelena has better coping skills than Matjosh

That should be enough to give you a better head start. Now let's see who's going to put Robert Downey Jr. (meaning Sherlock Holmes I & II, and not meaning his past drug use) to shame.