Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012


We're moving!!

Yes, we know, it's about time. As the SMV studio grew in the past year, the studio shrunk. We got tired of living in the "Puma Cage" (as we have affectionately termed our current dwelling) but it was so hard to find a proper space to house our nutty, growing family... until NOW!

Check out our new, BAD(mo'f*$@ing)ASS studio ya'll!
Complete with private elevator access and Fireplace (because our swag is just outta control like that), Trump-Style boardroom and even separate, male and female toilets (...this was becoming an issue for the ladies). Umm, did we mention that we have fireplace?!?

The only downside is that it also has a shower, which technically means that we now have no excuse to ever leave the office... Whatever, we got a damn fireplace!

This also is great news for life drawing. You didn't think we'd forget about our beloved life drawing sessions did you? We just needed a space to do it in. Now that we have it, we're going to settle in and pimp-out our lovely new palace in signature SMV style, then we'll definitely be starting up life drawing again ("Can I get a 'Amen'?!)

Bye Bye "Puma Cage"... Hello "Pimp-tacular Wonderland"!


  1. BEST STUDIO SPACE EVER, a dream for someone like me - DAMN THAT'S PURE AWESOMENESS!!! Hope I'll meet you guys someday in Berlin! Cheers from Brazil amigoooooos

  2. Congratulations Marko. I now officially hate you but you know I mean that in the best possible way. Seriously, all the best man. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Woaaah, that fireplace is awesome! Congrats on tha new place!