Freitag, 22. Juni 2012


After a week of entries and attempts at last week's FUCKED UP FRIDAYS CHALLENGE, we finally have a winner...well, close enough anyway!

We'd like to congratulate our lucky winner Danijel Cvitkusic. 

Danijel managed to get 5 out of 7 right (the closest anyone came by far) which means he's obviously some kind of Rainman-esque genius for being able to decode something with roughly 1,230,987,563 to 1 odds. But well done none the less. He'll be getting his original Marko Djurdjevic piece next week. 
(N.B: If he's smart, he'll put it up on ebay so perhaps ya'll can still have a shot at it *wink,wink.. finger point*) 

Now listen ya'll, that was a really tough challenge. Maybe it was a little unfair of us but we love that you guys took a shot at it anyway. That's the spirit and fight that we love in you guys. 
But seriously though, what the hell were some of you thinking!? I mean, Emily is SUPER offended - which if you know that steel-hearted witch, is actually quite difficult to do- that some (...ok, many) of you thought she was "SMV #5". But fuck her, we think she cheated anyway.

Here are the real results:

SMV #1 (117 points): Yohann 
We know right!?!..."How?!". Probably cheated along with Emily.

SMV #2 (108 points): Hagen 
The only results that actually made sense.

SMV #3 (112 points): Jelena 
Yes, also surprising. Even Yohann got more.

SMV #4 (105 points): Marko
Thanks from Marko to the many that thought he was SMV #7.

SMV #5 (95 points): Ville
So the debate is finally over: Ville is both a Robot and a Psychopath. Glad that's finally settled.

SMV #6 (110 points): Matjosh
Crazy right?! ...Who knew?

SMV #7 (119 points): Emily
...EMILY!?!? Like, for real? She's supposed to be the most Emotionally "Intelligent"? We're still trying to figure out where she's hid the bodies. Pfff! ...She obviously cheated.

Take a look at the results again and have fun laughing at the good and BAD results of your favourite SMV psycho. 

Until the next challenges lovlies...



  1. Haha, thanks guys and girls once again. I tried to use the hints as best as I could, but I just got lucky in the end :D.
    For some reason I always thought Emily was #7, so she was easiest to guess.

    No way am I selling the drawing on ebay, I'm going to frame it and use it as a source of inspiration.

    All the best.

  2. danijel, congrats! you should be playing lottery, dude!

  3. just checking trough the stats....c'mon Marko, 72 on self-esteem? Only 34 on flexibilty? 74 on empathy?
    :D :D :