Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012


Hey Guys,

We decided that we couldn't wait for a "Fucked Up Fridays" edition to post this. Seeing as it's Halloween and all, it seems fitting.

Earlier today, Marko entered the office wearing this little "James Bond Villain" number. Much to our surprise we either figured, someone is dead...or is about to be. Sadly, it's neither.

The truth is that Marko was simply invited to the British Embassy here in Berlin for a night of cocktails, schmoozing and the 007 SKYFALL premier!! Yes, he decided that this year for Halloween, he's (apparently) going as a Serbian assassin. Hopefully, he'll either befriend, or kill Daniel Craig and we can end this lengthy film series once and for all.

Most likely though, he'll probably just make the cover of the paper tomorrow for drunk and disorderly conduct adding yet another gem to his long list of "International Incident" charges...sigh!

Looking good though man!

 (What?! One shouldn't show up to the British Embassy empty-handed now should they?)                                          

          (Incidentally, coats are great for hiding hand guns)

             (CEO Meeting: This happens every Wednesday)


  1. 3rd pic, That's the real Boss with her babe on her lap. Cool pics & the new studio looks really nice. K lets see take a guess as to which of these buttons mean submit post/comment. Ha!