Freitag, 9. November 2012


Hey Guys,
We'll do this one in 2 parts:

Last night we welcomed a truly WONDERFUL group of people at the studio for sketching, drinking, laughter, and ...getting to know each other (*wink, wink, finger point*)!

Seriously though, yesterday was a blast! The perfect mix of old and new faces, awesome people and personalities, talented and un-talented (ok, actually EMILY was the only un-talented member of the group... But she's "challenged" pretty much every area!). Even the shy people spoke up-we love you for that guys.

If you're up for a lot of fun and getting to know some very cool people in mean time, then you're more than welcome here. If you're looking for a silent, boring, (dry!) environment to draw in with zero personality, this is NOT the place for you.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who turned out last night. We loved it!

We mentioned before about Emily's artistic (DIS)abilities, but you have to see this for yourself. This is the first (and we pray LAST) time Emily ever attempts...well, anything really! 
If you ever had any reservations at all about "not being good enough to try", Emily's work should kill all doubts for you. I mean, we still let her in!

Emily Fail #1: 
"What. IS. This?!" was the general question at first sight. We thought Ville understood what she was trying to draw best, so he added his "two cents" of interpretation while she was in a meeting.

Emily Fail # 2:
It's a little known fact (and thank fuck for that!) but Emily is a (SELF-proclaimed), "Master of smiley-faces!"...We know, she's gay! After a huge amount of criticism on her first "piece" she decided to "show us what's she's made of". Seriously Em!?!...

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  1. she's a damn star amongst you!! :DD
    hopefully there'll be more advenbtures like this!