Mittwoch, 24. März 2010


We decided to have one more seminar at our studio in April and because we have so many English speaking attendants this time, we will hold the next seminar completely in English.

So, here is the translation of the Flyer that you can find attached:

In the two day seminar of Conceptart we will concentrate on the structure of the artistic and graphical basics that is necessary to establish in the field of work as a concept artist. Marko Djurdjevic who worked as a concept artist for Massive Black and is now exclusively illustrating as cover artist for Marvel Entertainment will teach in this seminar the different aspects of the creative working environment. Going from the easiest question of: What makes a good picture? to the more complex areas of symbolic composition and the basis and key-points to get better in the self-contained learning process.

Topics are:
-Contrast Theory
-Symbolism In Formative Media
-Live Demonstration In The Field Of Cover And Conceptdesign Composition
-Business Selection, Contracts And Pricing

Here are the links to all hostels that are not too expensive and too far away, if you are in need of an accommodation :

From most of them it is pretty easy to go to our studio.

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