Dienstag, 6. April 2010


The Made Symposium is coming!
An Art and Conceptdesign event in Berlin in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment, the artists from Massive Black and SIXMOREVODKA.
Featuring top instructors from across the planet, workshops, seminars, digital art demos, fine art presentations, live painting, illustration, comics, conceptdesign and performance by creative leaders of the videogame, conceptdesign, and comic industries. Stay tuned as we announce more instructors over the next few weeks.
A website about the Made Symposium will launch soon with additional information concerning hostels, hotels, f.a.q., curriculum along with the events around the Symposium itself.
Please stay tuned for this one time summer event and if you have questions please address them to: antjetaiga@sixmorevodka.com



  1. Oh, man do you guys offer any discounts for students or something like this? OMG, I want so much to come to this!

  2. Thank you for your comments! We're sorry that we cannot give any discounts to attendants, we calculated the symposium fee as low as possible and you must see that we need to organize everything, get all instructors here and have a lot of things to pay in advance ourselves, so the 500 Euro until the 15th of May is the offer we can give. Have a beautiful day and feel free to attend, it's gonna be the most amazing and inspiring 4 days in June, we can't wait to have everyone here!

  3. We know in the beggining you were organizing this with the CAorg guys and were wondering what happened there?

  4. CA.org is busy with the Art Department.
    We wanted to stick to our word to bring the Workshop to Europe, that's why we're doing this independently this time around.

    And there came up the question as well, if just professionals can attend the symposium:
    No,not at all. It is for every artist out there that wants to soak up knowledge and learn from top professionals. The lectures and demonstrations hold information for everybody, be it beginner or professional. We urge you to use this opportunity and talk to the instructors in person, show them your work and ask them what you can do to improve. The only thing necessary to bring with you is motivation and a longing to be inspired by creativity form different sources.

  5. You absolutely change the meaning of money with this simposium. I have never ever had opportunity to meet people I admire. Suddenly you're coming to be so close (i mean 300 km but it's better than thousands) and talk about love for art. It is not something you can buy with Master Card. Wonderful event and people. I wouldn't have much hasitation if the simposium weren't in the middle of exams;p

  6. Some hostels have luggage storage facilities.

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