Dienstag, 6. März 2012


What do William Shatner, Nicolas Cage and Marko Djurdjevic have in common? Nothing really, but according to German TV station, ZDFneo, they're all shining examples of a real Man. Originally aired on 1st March, ZDFneo spent a day at the SMV studio to study Marko in hopes of answering the question, "What makes a man, a man?"

For our non-German speaking viewers, here's a quick run-down of what's going on:
Traditional gender roles are unclear today, in times after women's emancipation. So what does make a man, a man in today's times? Find out in this reportage about "softies, hooligans and role models" (... yeah we're not sure about that description either but whatev's!). Other "Manly Men" showcased were German actor Lars Eidinger, Nicolas Cage and William Shatner.

Celebrating the return of the "Retrosexual" man. We've missed him.

ZDFneo 'Bambule' Short Portrait of Marko from SIXMOREVODKA on Vimeo.

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