Freitag, 6. April 2012


Hey Guys,

Seeing as last week we failed to post a Fucked Up Fridays message (...Hey! Nobody's perfect), this week we decided to "double drop" and split it into two different parts, focusing on two different questions (both equally insightful views into our fucked up little SMV family).

Here we go...

Question 1:

What happens when your team leaves the studio to go out for lunch (FOR ONCE!), but you have a lazy, drunken fool of a producer who "possibly" had a liiiittle too much the night before and simply can't handle the thought of using her OWN two legs to get around anymore?

Question 2:

What happens when a bunch of artists are working on a project and need some first-hand reference material (and also for some strange reason have the props, in-house, to carry out a full photo shoot)? …yeah, that's right: FUCK YOU GOOGLE REFERENCING!!!

Happy Easter break Ya'll!


  1. :D Fuck google referencing! :D Übrigens, die Fotos sind wirklich gut gelungen, besonders die mit dem Regenschirm un der Pistole.

  2. Damn, these photos are better than the entire stock section on deviantArt. Awesome.

  3. Thanks you sooo much guys :D those are some really good poses for sketching..will make some on these! :)

  4. Really awesome stuff, i too will draw these :3

  5. Идея. Делать такие фотографии перед работой над иллюстрацией.