Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012


Hey Guys,

Not sure if you're aware but Marko was actually born on German soil, in a beautiful little town called Koblenz. Living in the lovely concrete jungle that is Berlin can (at times) get exhausting (yea we said it!) and leaving you grasping for nature's green air and space.  But what to do?? Well Marko, as usual, had the answer... ROAD TRIP!!

The whole SMV team decided to free our schackled minds and embark on an exodus into the German countryside. And man, was it ever worth it!  First stop: A little medieval market (of course!) happening in the south of Germany. I mean, who doesn't like playing with toys that can kill people?! Then straight on til morning until the fabled city of Koblenz.

Come and join us... (umm, in like, 6 parts because we have about 365,000 photos, sorry!)

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