Dienstag, 4. September 2012


...And we're back!

SO Sorry about the delay Guys! Look, I know we've said this before but this time we're a little more sincere than before. We've been super crazy busy with moving into our new studio and all the terrible shit that can go along with it but we're back now and will be attending to our beloved blog on the regular again. 

Now, Are you sitting down?! Are you ready for your mind to be blown!?

The indestructible, French powerhouse that is, Monsieur Gerald Parel, is indeed joining his new band of brothers (and sisters) here on the SMV team! I know, I know...just breathe!

The man has had a massive career in the comic industry. He is creative like no other, paints like a Muuh'Fukkah and is faster than the Concorde. He also paints women so beautifully that our (formerly) straight SMV sisters are now officially, "Bi-Curious" (...and isn't that always exciting?!). On a personal level however, he's funnier than you'd think any artist could be, kinder than most human beings and his alcohol tolerance level makes us proud (...Sigh! Could he be more perfect!?). Our schoolgirl crush has just been elevated to obsession!

Yes, "Le Parel", the man himself. Not just his name, or doppelgänger. The real deal is officially SMV family. Our collective boner for Gerald has been strong for quite some time now (...can you blame us?) so you can only imagine how excited we are to have him with us.

Welcome to the family "G"! (...we're still working on your gangster nickname bro!) BisousBisousBisous! !