Mittwoch, 25. April 2012


Hey Guys,
2012 has seen our team branch out into new areas, and we're looking for potential hires. Our studio is known for it's incredibly high level of quality and we plan to keep it that way. So if you think you're up for a fun, challenging, family-like atmosphere and working environment, read-on:


What we need from you:

-  This is an in-house, permanent position so relocation to Berlin is necessary.

-  Excellent visual creativity and passion for character design.

-  Proficient 2D art skills. 

-  Must have perfect understanding for human anatomy, proportion, contemporary fashion, various cultures and be able to change and adapt across different genre and media.

-  Advanced understanding of colour and perspective.

-  Excellent narrative and illustrative skills. Must be able to place more than one figure into a composition. An affinity for storytelling is highly desired. 

-  Ability to take a character from an early concept through the pipeline to a fully rendered, high quality finish.

-  Must be a team player who understands art direction and enhances the team's output.

-  Must be a highly self motivated individual and work closely with the producers and the management on his scheduled assignments.

- Proficient in Photoshop, Painter or any similar program of your preference

- SIXMOREVODKA's company language is english - a good grasp of the language is necessary.

What we'll give you:

- Job/Life in Berlin – by far one of the coolest cities in Europe (24hr Clubs & Bars, Great Parks and Galleries, hot music scene, LOADS of fun stuff to do and see...blah,blah,blah) 

- Opportunity to work in a small, professional environment, creating high-quality work for the biggest names in the industry. We are a young, creative and dynamic family here. 

- Competitive Salary, 6 weeks paid vacation per year, health and dental insurance, free admission to company events such as workshops, seminars & company holidays. 

Look, if you've read this far, then you know already what it takes to be a concept artist. So, if you're interested, send us your portfolio and CV or a link to your website to and Reference: Concept Artist Applicant. 

For more information on SIXMOREVODKA please take a look at: 


  1. Awh, I would so totally apply, if my skillset was anything near what you guys produce... Maybe in a year or two! Bet there's a hundred awesom people dying for this opportunity!

  2. Awh, I would so totally apply...

  3. I'll apply in ten years, maybe ;)

  4. Maybe someday :). Good luck to all the applicants.

  5. Hey, hell, why nobody told me for this? I'm always late for good things. I mean it would be great working with you guys; all my life I'm working on a miserable projects for a sad corporate people / or working at home, it would be so good change to at least once have fun and share creative atmosphere with fellow artists.....
    Anyway, if anybody wishes please take a look at my arsenal at:

    or just

    Hell, one day I'll get to a decent studio, I can smell it.

  6. Hey ! Junior artist there ( 22 )
    I would totally apply to this job if the team think I could be able to ! I'm more into cartoonish style those last months to make better variations into my way to design a character !

    Here is a link to my clean artworks: