Freitag, 4. Mai 2012


In this week's instalment, we're going to focus on two topics very dear to our hearts:

#1. Child Labour: 
I know, I know, we love it as much as you do. Especially when the child is such a hard worker that he can double as both an artist for the company and as a DJ for our...

#2. Roof-top BBQ's (...yeah that's how we do it here!!) 

Let's explore...

#1. Child Labour:

What do you expect?! He's half Jelena and half Marko! How long did you think our baby Djurdjevic would need to be proficient with a Cintiq?!?! Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's only "Child Labour" if:
a) He doesn't like the labour. 
b) He doesn't get paid. 

Love (and Chocolate) is payment enough for a child so don't get all "Child Protection Services" on us just because you're mad you didn't think of it first!

#2. Roof-top Madness:
Beer. Vodka. Crazy Friends. A killer view and a baby who can DJ off of an ipad. 
...don't be jealous. Well invite you next time.


  1. aaah happy days.. but the last pic beats all your own pics combined :P

  2. LOL, Just imagine that in the family photo album.

  3. Gives a good holiday ideas) have a good time